Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! – Zoom training

Why do Zoom training now? Zoom has become part and parcel of our lives since Covid made the ability to meet in person either impossible or unadviseable. Whilst we may be experiencing more freedom to return to meeting in person over the coming months, Zoom will still have its place.

Whilst some people may have become Zoom masters there are also many people who don’t know much about what it can do and some people who don’t feel able to start using it at all – jump to the how to videos.

Zoom Training Sessions

Our Digital Skills tutor, Emma Hoving, is running some Zoom training sessions that are free to join thanks to Cumbria Community Foundation. They are in 2 parts, each an hour long on Zoom with chance to interact and ask questions:

Part 1 covers personal settings, controls and how to use the many features available within the program

Part 2 covers scheduling, settings and accounts focussing on managing using Zoom as a host with a licenced account.

You can do parts 1 or 2 on the same day or different days. Email to register and get the meeting invite.
Next available dates:

Zoom training timesPart 1Part 2
Thurs 1st April1.30pm2.40pm
Wed 7th April7pm8.10pm
Fri 16th April10am 11.10am
Thurs 22nd April1.00pm2.00pm
Tues 27th April10am11.10am

Or email us if you would like a training session just for your organisation.

Zoom Basics

Finally we have some videos of the most basic elements of installing Zoom, joining a meeting and the basic controls all on both a pc and a smartphone…