Digital skills – how we can help

One of the great things about Learning Plus digital skills training is that we don’t only run set courses. Our drop-in style means we can help with a specific request. Such as? Read on to get some great examples and then contact us to get help with your need.

Mr F wanted to be able to throw away his paper diary and see his calendar on both his Samsung phone and his laptop. We helped him set up Google Calendar as an icon on his laptop taskbar, find the app on his phone and showed him how to view different weeks/months and add appointments. We have also given him a handy reminder sheet.

Mrs B uses Yahoo mail and wanted to be able to use the folders on her phone and iPad like she already could on her laptop. We helped her switch to using the Yahoo Mail App on her phone (rather than the Gmail App) and showed her where to find the folders. We also helped her check her account security after an email had worried her – happily all was good and correct!

Mr K was recording donations to the charity he supported and was manually typing the entries and then manually creating thank you letters to each one. We helped him set up his excel sheet better so that he could copy and paste the donation details in and get totals. We then set up a mail merge document for the Thank you letters and trained him how to create each letter. This was a solution that Mr K could easily learn how to do without being too technical. For others we might train them to download the information.

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